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117 - Eleanor Doughty does it herself

the new episode of the podcast!

👋🏼 Hello, listener!

Today I am pleased to share the latest episode of the SneakyArt Podcast - a warm and engaging conversation with a kindred soul, Seattle-based artist and illustrator Eleanor Doughty.

Eleanor is an independent artist, illustrator and urban sketcher whose work includes murals, large canvases, prints, Kickstarter campaigns, and now also a book. This conversation explores how an independent illustrator can chart their path, and find a home for their ideas in work for others and themselves.

This episode pairs well with Ep 38 and 39 with Sandi Hester, Ep 32 with Emma Carlisle, and Ep 26 with Anna Wilson.

Listen to the episode on your choice of streaming service, or grab a link below:

Spotify | Apple | PocketCasts | Google | Web | Gaana

This conversation touches upon a few points that I want to revisit. I will talk about them later in the week once you’ve had a chance to listen to the episode as well. For now, here are some interesting links -

↺ In Case You Missed It…

Day 21 of 30 Days of Vancouver was at the Vancouver Public Library.

Day 20 was a beautiful morning in Kerrisdale. Pick a tiny person you like, and I will tell you their story!

On both days, I left behind some art for a stranger to find. It’s a practice known as Art Abandonment, and I find it very exciting. More about it soon.

As I enter the final week of 30 Days of Vancouver, I will give away multiple copies of my books, signed prints, and original art to SneakyArt Insiders. For a chance to win, sign up to support my work using this special discount!

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The SneakyArt Post
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