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Welcome to The SneakyArt Post. This is a newsletter to share art that I make of my world, ideas from conversations on the SneakyArt Podcast, and notes from my journey of self-education to be a better artist.

🎨What is SneakyArt?

SneakyArt is the practice of drawing beauty from your world, without drawing attention. It is drawn with a fountain pen inside a sketchbook.

Its subjects are ordinary people in ordinary places on ordinary days. It is a way to capture accidental art from the flux of everyday life.

For the past few years, SneakyArt has helped me make myself at home in unfamiliar, foreign surroundings. It is my best way to understand my environment, and connect with my world.

SneakyArt is all around us, but it is hidden in the everyday moments that pass us by without announcing themselves. The job of the SneakyArtist is to see what others do not.

Through this newsletter I show you the SneakyArt I see, in the hope that it will make you better able to find it in your own world.

🤯 Why a Newsletter?

Social media has broken its contract. What was meant to unite us has instead divided us, and boxed us inside sketchy algorithms and suspicious newsfeeds.

A newsletter is a way to move forward by going back to a simpler time.

By consenting to receive content in our email inbox or newsletter app, we establish a positive relationship with the content we most enjoy. I believe this is the path to a deeper engagement with writers, artists, and content creators.

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Wednesdays are for SneakyArt Drops, a light pick-me-up for when you need something to tide you over the week. For example, check out issues [90] [83] [76] [73].

On Fridays, I share deeper ideas and writings. This comprises the latest art I have made, insights discussed with guests on the SneakyArt Podcast, and lessons picked up on journey of self education I am putting myself through.

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