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Ep 62 - Sketching Here & Everywhere with Christina Wald

Ep 62 - Sketching Here & Everywhere with Christina Wald

independent art, kickstarter, self publishing.

Dear listener,

Cincinatti-based Christina Wald speaks about how to live as, and making a living from, being an independent artist and illustrator.

This is a conversation about how to work for yourself while meeting client expectations. It is about Christina’s multiple successful Kickstarter projects, including her latest book (link below).

This episode is for anyone eager to chart their own path as an independent creator. Lots of practical advice, listen carefully!

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  • [5:40] Christina: “I don't wanna say spectre of social media, but it kind of … because it's sort of an elephant in the room that a lot of illustrators are interacting with… It can be a career launcher, but it's definitely noise that might distract you from whatever your journey is.”

🧪 A career in illustration means being open to new ideas, and experimenting with styles. But social media pressures get in the way.

🫎 Christina speaks about learning about elks and deer when she was commissioned to illustrate a book about them.

  • [12:08] Christina: “I think illustration is a hard career to be in if all you have is an illustration degree.”

🛠️ Christina speaks about her education in industrial design, and the attitude of always being open to learning new things.

✍🏼 How she has sustained a 30 year career mentally and physically - from avoiding carpal tunnel to juggling different projects

  • [33:00] Christina: “It's certainly the goal to eventually just do my own stuff. I mean, that's kind of the dream.”

💼 How Christina manages the business side of being an illustrator

🌎 The pros and cons of a zero middleman world.

💰 [38:50] Christina’s latest Kickstarter project - Sketching Here & Everywhere - and the work of self-publishing.

📣 Nishant asks many questions about setting up a Kickstarter project.

🏁 What it takes to finish a project. They put forth the idea that ideas are cheap.

📖 Putting together the book with her audience in mind and all the little details that would not occur to you.

💭 Nishant shares his self-publishing experience with SneakyArt of Eau Claire.

📚 [1:19:40] Print on demand vs Bulk printing

💸 Securing crowdfunding for books on Kickstarter

Dear listener, are you interested in crowdfunding at all? Have you thought about running a Kickstarter campaign? I am curious to know if this episode helped you in any way.

To ask further questions or add to the discussion, leave a comment below!

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