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Ep 63 - (Part 2) Sketching Here & Everywhere with Christina Wald

Ep 63 - (Part 2) Sketching Here & Everywhere with Christina Wald

kickstarter, patreon, and the future of the creator in the economy.

Dear listener,

I am pleased to present Part 2 of my conversation with Christina Wald.

Cincinatti-based artist and illustrator Christina Wald speaks about how to live and thrive as an independent artist and illustrator. They discuss Kickstarter, Patreon, and the future of the creator in the economy.

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In the previous episode, we spoke about Christina’s extensive Kickstarter experience, and the fascinating journey to be an independent artist and illustrator in the changing landscape of the last 3 decades.

In this episode, we continue the conversation about how to live, sustain, and thrive as independent artists. We talk Kickstarter, Patreon, and how Christina came to urban sketching and started a new chapter in Cincinnati.

We also discuss our ideas about the near future, and some ways to keep the creation process at the heart of everything you do. If the business of being an artist gets you down, this episode is for you.

The democratic power of the internet is that anyone can produce and share their work without intermediaries, directly with the people who want to see it.

It allows me to share this episode, for which I do all the work myself, directly with you.

I like having this job. From booking guests to dreaming up questions, from conducting these conversations to editing and producing and bringing you the final product, I do everything myself. But it is only possible for me to continue giving it the time and attention it needs, because of the generosity and patronage of SneakyArt Insiders.

This is the other end of the democratic power of the internet. Your freedom, as a consumer, to support the kind of content you like.

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As we discuss in this episode, both Christina and I enjoy working for an audience without the intermediation of platforms, middlemen, and massive social media companies. That is one of the reasons why I make this podcast - the desire to share my best ideas without putting it through the social media filter.

On podcast apps, every episode is as long as it needs to be. If you are listening, it is because you chose to do so.

We are in a consensual equation as speaker and listener. I think this is also what the internet is all about.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Catch Part 1 of our conversation:

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