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Ep 65 - War and Not-War with Nina Khashchina

Ep 65 - War and Not-War with Nina Khashchina

Drawing parents over video calls, recommitting to the Ukrainian language, and then a wild book list appears.

Dear listener,

This is the second part of my conversation with

, an artist and illustrator in California.

Nina shares her feelings of helplessness, watching from afar as her country was invaded and the bombs dropped every day on her hometown of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

She speaks about the daily video calls with her parents who lived there then, and how she has documented each session in her sketchbooks.

We talked about books and geopolitics and language, and the geopolitics of language, and then we talked about nature and cities and art and art of nature and of cities.

I learned that to talk about war, you have to talk about not-war.

In this post find the main talking points of the conversation, interesting tangents, and links to send you down other rabbit-holes. Also find the book list of this episode.

A reminder: Nina and I were drawing each other and taking notes throughout the conversation. So if you hear any ambient scratching noises in this recording, that’s what that is!

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This episode is the second part of my conversation with Nina. Listen to the first part on Episode 64 of the Podcast.

Talking and Journaling

For the first time ever, the guest and I have taken notes and drawn each other during the recording itself. At the end, Nina and I held up our sketchbook pages for the other to see.

Show Notes

[70:46] Nishant: “I've been writing every week around my art for the last almost three years now, and it's been so rewarding... Instagram is not the only way that I speak to an audience. It's so difficult to really connect [on] Instagram … I feel like I have to try to grab their attention.

And this has given me a way to just do my part and, when they have time, they give me a little bit of time and they do their part. And everybody is more wholesome and everything is more consensual and nothing is about being flashy and just jumping out at you and asking you to not scroll, just stop and watch this and listen to this music.”

Why write to other people?

“And it's a good idea to put that thing in words to someone other than yourself… it's like the difference between knowing something and then teaching something?”

  • [73:19] Sketching underwater while scuba diving!

  • Rite in the Rain, and the supplies Nina uses while sketching underwater

  • Maintaining a dive log to journal every underwater experience.

  • Overthinking and art as a way to get over it.

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And these are our notes made during the conversation.

Drawn by Nina
Drawn by me.

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