Dec 20, 2022Liked by Nishant Jain

Dear Nishant, I’m catching up with your recent posts. You absolutely did the right thing in my opinion not to cave in to pressure to work for free or for scraps. I’m a freelancer and it’s amazing how people can show such disrespect. I come across it often, even from nice and well-intentioned clients. It is very wearing at times but I always stand my ground. I stand with you for doing the same!

You’ve done some amazing things this year. I have so appreciated the company of your podcast (I’ve pretty much caught up now) at a time when I’m feeling my way as a newbie in the world of sketching/art-making or whatever we call it, and need some company on my journey!

Rest is important. I wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for your creative projects next year.


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What a well-compiled review! Memory is unreliable but doesn't matter with you because you have chronicled your adventures through the year and more. Lovely to go over them. I've learned about permissionless living and following my curiosity from you. Thanks for that!

As they say, the days are too long but the year (in your case) too short :) All the best for next year!

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