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Ep 53 - Getting Things Done with Amy Stewart

a new podcast episode + the weekend sketchbook tour

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Nishant Jain
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Hello listener,

I am delighted to present Episode 53 of the SneakyArt Podcast - a conversation with Portland-based bestselling author and artist, Amy Stewart.

Also, this is the last chance to get into this Sunday’s Zoom hangout. During the session, I will be showing recent sketchbooks, answering questions, and demoing my drawing style with the fountain pen. SneakyArt Insiders, visit here to claim your free seat!

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In the audio section, an apt excerpt from the episode. (Say apt excerpt again.)

Ep 53 - Getting Things Done with Amy Stewart

Best-selling author Amy Stewart (”Flower Confidential”, “Drunken Botanist”, “Girl Waits with Gun”) talks about her “disinclination to pick a lane”, the ideas that have helped her navigate a successful writing career, and the role of art in her creative practice.

This conversation addresses several dichotomies of the creative life - instant vs delayed gratification, processes vs results, art vs writing, and sticking to a lane vs sticking to one’s convictions. It is about understanding how Amy gets so many things done.

It is a conversation about many things and then some more - cocktails, 19th century feminism, gardening, poisons, the global flower industry, and people who collect trees. It is an episode about “one and a half things.”

🔍 Last week I completed Book 1 of the Kopp Sisters stories - Girl Waits with Gun. I highly recommend it!

🙌🏽 Check out Amy’s books, art, and online classes on her website. Sign up for her Substack newsletter.

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Show Notes

  • The Ship of Theseus Problem

  • Becoming a writer before you could Google it

  • [16min] “A good column is about one and a half things.” - John Carroll

  • How did gardening become a part of Amy’s life?

  • The larger theme of overplanning vs not-planning but getting things done.

  • “It’s a tough journey, and it does not get easier.” - Amy, on how writing her new book seemed impossible even with the experience of 13 books behind her.

  • How your hobbies need hobbies

  • [32min] How does a person collect trees? Amy talks about Book #14

  • The history of tree-moving, and the Hearst Castle in southern California.

  • Ethics and safeguards around tree collecting and bio-prospecting

  • Drunken Botanist, how books are classified on the bookshelves of stores, and its impact on sales.

  • Differences between art and writing

  • [60min] How Amy came to write her first bestseller - Flower Confidential.

  • How flowers happen.

  • How cocktails happened.

  • Creating a niche for herself.

  • How does Amy manage so many projects?

  • “There is no good way to measure progress in a creative life.” - Nishant.

  • [2h 25min] How does Amy grapple with the word ‘productivity’?

  • Cal Newport, The Productivity Funnel

  • Cal Newport, On Pace & Productivity

  • Elizabeth Gilbert, Signature of All Things

  • Switching lanes

  • [2h 32min] “My mid-life crisis book.” - Amy Stewart, on writing Girl Waits with Gun

  • Nicholas Wilton

  • Instant v delayed gratification, writing v art, urban sketching v working at her desk

  • “Yes, I would advise any writer to go find something that gives them instant gratification, whether it's art or cooking or just something where the reward is right then.” - Amy, on how to cope with the long game.

  • Why do writers hate writing but artists love to make art? Amy cites Daniel Kahnemann’s Thinking Fast and Slow

  • Some good reasons to keep multiple sketchbooks

  • “We are so heavy on text and writing and words, but really our sense of things that are non-verbal is much stronger.” - Nishant, on human instinct around non-verbal communication.

  • The Substack question.

  • “Your email coming to their inbox is like a private equation you share with [readers].” - Nishant, on the value of an email.

Amy Recommends…

At the end of the episode, I asked Amy for book recommendations:

Have you read any of them? Would you recommend any others that relate to the subjects discussed in this episode?

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Cheat Sheet!

This summer, I shared the conversational cheat sheets I prepare the night before a recording. Here is the page for this conversation!

Three lines of thought - (black) the night before, (red) an hour before, and (brown) during the recording.

The theme for this episode was Amy’s natural disinclination to pick a lane - a phrase she used on her blog. Using the above flowchart, imagine our conversation as a planet revolving around this star, served by its moons, and visited by far-flung asteroids streaking across the starry sky, disappearing and reappearing.

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