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[Insider 29] Post-Script with David Morales

[Insider 29] Post-Script with David Morales

we draw each other and and talk about future projects

👋🏼 Hello, Insider!

Today’s Insider post is a Post-Script with David Morales, my guest from Episode 37 of the SneakyArt Podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to us!

Post-Scripts are bonus segments exclusively for SneakyArt Insiders. They are recorded after the main recording is complete. As we unwind and start to say long goodbyes, sometimes we have behind-the-scenes questions for each other. Sometimes we just feel like drawing together.

Today’s Post-Script is both of those things. David and I draw each other while chatting about social media platforms, authentic ways to interact with followers and colleagues, and his upcoming creative projects.

🎙 Ep 37 Post Script with David Morales

Earlier this month, I shared episode 37 with an explainer of how the conversation has inspired me to take up a daily drawing challenge. This post-script adds to those ideas.

🍿 David’s future projects. David talks about wanting to work at bigger scales and produce other kinds of art. One idea is to do large-scale closeups of foliage and nature scenes (like the cover art of this episode!). Another is to travel around Spain drawing a book of Spanish beers. My vote goes to the second one.

🚀 Supporters & Patrons. David asks about my experience with having a membership tier on Substack. I explain my thoughts behind starting a paid section to the SneakyArt Post.

🤳🏼 Instagram frustrations. David shares his frustrations around promoting his Domestika course on Instagram, and wonders what it suggests for the quality of his social media following. I share my thoughts on the enormous gap between an artist and audience when their interaction is restricted to social media.

🧑🏼‍🏫 Teaching platforms. David shares questions about the way forward with teaching, based on his experience with Domestika. Check out David’s Domestika courses. They’re on sale right now!

🖼 Working on big projects. I share my experience working on a 4x4’ canvas with pens and ink, on commission in 2019. Read more about it.

💻 Two Types of Places on the Internet. I share my understanding of how to work on the internet as a creative. I introduce David to the 1000 True Fans model.

📚 Independent Publishing. I relate the rewarding experience of self-publishing SneakyArt of Eau Claire. To learn about this book and grab a copy, visit here.

Dear Insider, have you heard the episode already? Did you enjoy this post-script? Share your thoughts about either conversation! I would love to hear from you.

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And if you have something to say to David, put that in the comments too. I’m sure I can get him to read this, and maybe even respond.

Thank you very much for your generous support of your work, and for your time and attention.

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