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134. 30 Days of Watercolor with Marc Taro Holmes

134. 30 Days of Watercolor with Marc Taro Holmes

episode 47 of the podcast

Hello, listeners.

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🎙 Ep 47 - 30 Days of Watercolor with Marc Taro Holmes

Montreal-based artist Marc Taro Holmes (Citizen Sketcher) speaks about two art challenges that he organizes every year for thousands of artists around the world - OneWeek100People and 30x30 Direct Watercolor.

We talk about the value of compounding good ideas through daily practice and the benefit of doing it with others over Facebook. This episode releases on Day 24 of this year’s 30x30 Direct Watercolor challenge. Visit the FB group.

Follow Marc’s work on his Website and Instagram.

Listen to this episode on your choice of streaming service or grab a link below:

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📝 Show Notes

  • The conversation was recorded on Day 7 of my 30-day project this April. Here is what I did on Day 7 of 30 Days of Vancouver. I explain my reasons for putting myself through such a challenge.

  • Every year mid-March, Marc uses OneWeek100People to awaken from winter hibernation and go sketching outside again.

  • Nishant explains the idea behind drawing tiny people. They speak about the power of storytelling vs the technical qualities of art itself.

  • The importance of not talking to other artists.

  • The importance of talking to other artists.

  • Having a small audience - ideas about the elusive long tail of the creator economy

  • [Read] “Where did the Long Tail go?” on The Honest Broker, Ted Goia’’s substack.

  • [Read] “The Creator Economy needs a Middle Class” in Harvard Business Review.

  • [Read] “From the Attention Economy to the Creator Economy” in Forbes

  • [Listen] “Ep 260: A Sneaky Artist looks at the world” Nishant speaks about his life, creative pursuits, and the creator economy, on The Seen and the Unseen.

  • They discuss different ways to do the One Week 100 People challenge, and some good reasons to do it slowly.

  • If all art is seen through a screen, is the drawing itself the art or is the pic/video of the drawing the real art? And a comparison with the physical ownership of fine art.

  • [Read] “Why is art expensive?”

  • After a short break, they discuss their plans for the near future as independent creatives.

  • 30x30 is a marathon, not a sprint.” - Marc. In which ways is the experience of drawing everyday for 30 days analogous to a marathon?

  • Marc speaks about the variety of participants in this year’s challenge, and the problems they are trying to solve.

  • [Listen] Bonus commentary about the art of video games, based on Ep 23 with Marc Taro Holmes

  • [Listen] Ep 23 with Marc Taro Holmes

Dear listeners, are you doing the 30x30 Direct Watercolor challenge? Have you done a similar art-marathon?

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This Sunday with SneakyArt Insiders…

📚 I go in search of free libraries in my neighbourhood.

Dear readers old and new, every week I try to find beauty in my urban environment. Sometimes that beauty is a thing of architecture and street corners. And sometimes it is a thing of people.

Free libraries at the corners of streets are a beautiful thing. And a thing that only people could do.

🎙 Can I make a podcast episode out of this? This question, an answer, some other questions, and more answers. Maybe.

🎁 As a gesture of my gratitude for their existence, whenever I find a free library, I will leave a little drawing inside for a stranger to find.

As I did earlier this week…

Dear reader, this is the year I am giving away art for free. It sounds like a silly thing but I promise it does good for the world.

Become a SneakyArt Insider so that I can keep giving art away for free. The next FIVE readers to subscribe at the discounted annual rate will win a drawing!

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Thank you for your time and attention. Happy listening!

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