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🎙 Insider #8 - Post Script with Koosje Koene

🎙 Insider #8 - Post Script with Koosje Koene

"why should you even want to publish a book?"

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🎙 Post-Script with Koosje Koene

In last week’s Insider post, I shared an idea from James Clear - about having “systems, not goals.” - to add to the 4 good ideas I shared from Ep 29 with Koosje Koene.

In this segment, Koosje and I talk about -

⏳ managing time and energy as solo creative entrepreneurs,
🔃 repurposing and recycling work across multiple projects,
📚 the choices of traditional vs independent publishing.

+ 🙋‍♂️ some good answers to this question posed by Danny Gregory -

Why do you even want to publish a book?

This is the second Post-Script segment shared with Insiders. In case you missed the first one, with Tomas Pajdlhauser, check it out here.

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Rohit, a sense of time is a wonderful thing to lose. I’m glad to help!

Pam, I tell people that I try to optimize my drawings like an engineer - to say the most with the least number of lines.

Melinda, you got that right! I am trying to make more space to live inside that intersection of work and fun.

Kathy, how we see is how we live. And I think you’re doing it right!

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