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🎙 Insider #5 - Post-Script with Tom Pajdlhauser

🎙 Insider #5 - Post-Script with Tom Pajdlhauser

bonus section of ep 28 of the podcast

👋 Hello Insiders!

(+ all the readers getting a preview!)

Last week, I shared a draft passage from SneakyArt of Vancouver. This issue is a new format for me, so I’d love to hear what you think. It’s an exclusive bonus section of Episode 28 of the SneakyArt Podcast with Tom Pajdlhauser - I call it a Post-Script!

What is a Post-Script?

I share my post-conversation banter with the guest. It is post-script in that there is no agenda. I think of it as a long goodbye - when you know you’re about to part ways, but keep coming back with just one more thing you wanted to mention.

It is recorded with the guest’s consent, and only shared if I think the conversation is long enough and of value.

What’s in it?

We talk about self-publishing, the creator economy, and the resurgence of intimate media - newsletters, blogs, podcasts - over social media.

📝 Self-publishing

Tom asks me about my self-publishing experience with SneakyArt of Eau Claire (link to buy). I explain the circumstances of how I decided to make a book, and the research that concluded with choosing to self-publish. I share various design decisions, as well as the invaluable lessons learned from launching, distributing and selling hundreds of copies.

Tom narrates his own experience making Palestine Sketchbook as a not-for-profit art project with proceeds going to charity.

Design Decision - The only words in SneakyArt of EC are in the Introduction.

🚀 Creator Economy

Self-publishing was my entry into the creator economy. I make the case for why every creator should be part of this. I share the financial and creative possibilities, and the ‘games you can let yourself play’. I ask Tom about his plans for future work.

“Forget about galleries and large canvasses, I want to do this - I want to make and sell sketchbooks.” - Tom

Sketchbook, prints, and promotion around ‘Palestine Sketchbook’

🎉 Resurgence of ‘intimate media’

All of us are jaded by social media. While there is much for which to be thankful, it has divided and polarized society in profound ways. I share with Tom the resurgence of blogs & newsletters, and the rise of podcasting. These may be classified as “intimate media” - in that the communication is direct from a creator to a reader/fan to form a 1-to-1 equation.

We end by talking about the 1000 True Fans model.

Tom’s sketchbook page that became the cover art of this episode.

I hope you enjoy the chat, and would love to hear what you think in the comments.

Another question - Is there an on-location artist or urban sketcher that you would like to hear on the SneakyArt Podcast? Drop a comment to nominate someone, and tell me why you think they would be a good fit!

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See you next week.

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